Other Amenities

An Open Floor Plan

allows for a view of the Backyard from any point in the Brewery & Restaurant.

Beer Hall Dining

enhances our unique Sussex County dining experience

The Fireplace

and pot belly stove in the center of the dining room evokes life, energy, and warmth.

Our Large Bar

is the core of the Restaurant, and surrounded by the Brewery and Beer Garden.

Three Large Garage Doors

are used to connect the Beer Garden and the Bar. A unique way to bring the outside, inside.

Communal Tables

in the bar area and Beer Garden were created to promote interaction between groups.

Our Fire Pit

is located on the backyard deck and is visible from the entrance.

Glass Brewery Walls

allow guests to be a part of the process from grain to glass. We have no secrets, so come take a look!

The Playground

helps make our backyard beach escape a Family Friendly environment.