Stein Holding Contest


Lewes Round 1:  8:00pm

Middletown Round 1: 7:00pm

The community’s strongest, most careful beer drinkers will face off in the ultimate test of strength and respect for beer


Middletown & Lewes Round 2:  7:00pm *In Lewes*

The top 2 Stein Holders from Lewes and Crooked Hammock Middletown will face off for the chance to win a trip to Crooked Hammock North Myrtle Beach for the Finals!


Myrtle Beach Round 1: 7:00pm

10/16 Final Round:  7:00pm *In Myrtle Beach*

Grand Prize

Winner receives complete bragging rights & a Crooked Hammock Yeti Cooler filled with all the Crooked Hammock Gear needed to celebrate this massive win :call_me_hand::skin-tone-3:

Crooktoberfest Beer Release

Classically released on Day 1

Rich in malt, with a balance of clean, hop bitterness – this traditional German-style Märzen carries a hint of toasted bread with a residual sweetness that gives way to a refreshingly dry finish. Best enjoyed over a few “Ziggy Zaggys.”

Grab a fresh 2021 branded Stein and fill ‘er up!

Special Menu

🥚 FeuerHaus Eggs 🌶
spicy deviled eggs, cherry peppers, bacon, scallions

🥨  Garlic-Parm Pretzel Pieces 🥨
deep fried, covered in herbs, parmesan, roasted garlic, and chili flakes

🍔  Münich Melt 🍔
7 oz burger patty, trappist beer cheese, caramelized onions, apple butter, pretzel roll

🌭 Das Festhund 🌭
authentic german bratwurst, red cabbage kraut, cherry peppers, bacon, hot mustard, split top roll

💥 Rippen Schnapps 🙌🏼
baby back ribs, apple schnapps glaze, german potato salad, red cabbage and carrot slaw