About Us


Everyone looks forward to an escape away from their busy lives to take a break and catch their breath. Crooked Hammock offers a great environment for those who love a trip to the beach, with friends and family, where special moments unfold in a familiar backyard…with great beer and cookout food, sharing old stories, new conversations, laughter, and cherished memories. Join us at Crooked Hammock! We offer a perfectly crooked Backyard Beach Escape.

man in front of brewer equipment

I was tired of my 9-5 corporate job and life in the big city. I was ready for some ‘me’ time. So, I ditched my shirt and tie, put on my flip-flops, and moved to Rehoboth Beach to take it slow and live life easy.

I was having a blast! Living life in a hammock…bartending, boats, beaches, tons of fun. But carefree living eventually turned into the best job I’ll ever have…being a Dad! I dedicated myself to building a happy home for my family while my dream to start a restaurant was a constant inspiration every day.

Meetings! Mortgages! Appointments! Deadlines! My life was hectic! “Which beach today?” had quickly turned into “What? Beach?”. It was tough; however, at the end of a hard day I could escape to my own backyard ‘beach,’ hop in my crooked hammock, and enjoy an ice cold beer. Ahhhh…maybe it was the hammock, or maybe it was the beer…but that little escape always helped me embrace the insanity of my life, celebrate the imperfections, and appreciate the life I was living.

Take A Break

Life’s stressful. There’s no avoiding it. But at the end of every day, it’s important to take a breath, take a seat, and take a sip to really put things into perspective. That’s our belief and we live every day with that mindset.

pile of photos

Make Lasting Memories

The little moments count. Make the best of them, and be sure to capture a few along the way.

country road

Enjoy The Ride.

no matter where it takes you